The following registration fees have been established:

Once the communications are accepted, registration fees are due for all the signing authors. The payment can be made through an Internet platform created by San Jorge University (**).

If you need a receipt you must say so in the respective box. For any doubts, please contact

Each person can send a maximum of two communications. These are accepted in either Spanish or English. Registration of an author will entitle you to submit up to two communications (two signatures) without having to make an extra payment for it.

For those willing to attend without presenting a communication, they must also registrate and pay their fees.

Registration includes the coffee break and the lunch of June 19. For those willing to participate in the closing meal on Saturday 20, an extra 20 euros must be paid in advance though an online platform yet to be established (***) .

Those who do not pay their fees will not have the right to certificates or to the publication of their communcations.


(*) A document proving the condition of unemployed or student must be sent to On the other hand, “Undergrad” registrations allow for attendance but not for a certificate for the presentations. If a communciation is presented, registration fees must correspond to one of the other categories.

(**) Registrations can be made online with a credit or debit card. Please make sure you have the online transation operation key activated in your card. This operation is done through your bank. In case you need help for online payment, please contact the Communications Department secretariat: or (34) 976060100.

(***) This operation will take place following the same procedure as the registration. They payment must be completed before the conference, once the respective link is established.